(Drafted according to the Law of Associations of December 24, 1964, Decree of the Ministry of the Interior of May 20, 1965 and adapted according to the Organic Law 1/2002, of March 22, regulating the right of association).

TITLE I.- Of the Constitution, domicile and purposes of the Society

Article 1. – The Society “Center of Historical Studies of the Spanish Masonry” is created in Zaragoza and its territorial scope in which it is going to carry out mainly its activities is the territory of the State.

Article 2º.- The corporate domicile is set at Cardenal Goma, no. 13, D. P. 50009 Zaragoza.

Article 3º.- The purposes of the Company are:

a) Promote and intensify scientific development and dissemination of historical studies of Freemasonry.

b) Prepare joint research plans on topics of Masonry. Organize congresses and meetings of any order that contribute to a greater exchange and development of these studies. Strengthen cooperation among researchers of such studies on firm foundations.

c) Collaborate also with all national and foreign entities that deal with these studies.

TITLE II.- Of the means

Article 4º.- To achieve its goals, the Society may organize and promote conferences and workshops; publish and sponsor journals and monographs.- Conduct study trips; promote the exchange of teachers and students; Convene competitions and award prizes.

Article 5º.- The Society will promote the periodic celebration of Congresses on general topics, and monographic colloquia, referring to the History of Spanish Masonry.

Article 6º.- The Society will hold scientific meetings of a more particular nature, to which all partners will be entitled to attend. The works presented in the same may be published in the publications of the Society or in other related.

Article 7.- The Company may establish local sections in those cities where there are related entities or a sufficient number of specialists in the History of Freemasonry.

TITLE III.- Of the partners and of the organization of the Society

Article 8º.- The Company will be integrated by

Full members.

Affiliated members.

Corresponding partners

Protective partners.

Members of Honor.

Article 9º.- To be a numerary member it is required to have shown dedication and interest in the masonic studies in scientific publications, and to be proposed by two numerary partners and admitted by the Board of Directors. They will have the right to vote in the General Assemblies and will be the only ones eligible for the management positions.

Article 10.- Members who are interested in Masonic studies will be attached members, as requested by the Board of Directors and admitted by them. They will have the right to participate in the activities promoted by the Society.

Article 11.- The numerary and adhered members will be obligated: To pay the annual fee established by the Board of Directors; to attend the scientific meetings convened by the Society, unless justified cause; and to complete the orders received from the Board of Directors or from the General Assembly, in relation to the purposes of the Company.

Article 12.- Persons who habitually reside outside of Spain, who cultivate Masonic studies and who help the Society to achieve its goals or communicate effectively with other similar entities abroad, may be corresponding partners.

Article 13º.- The Board of Directors may appoint protective partners to people who contribute, in a substantial way, to the economic support of the Company.

Article 14º.- Honor members shall be persons who, due to their scientific or cultural merits, are entitled to this distinction. They will be appointed by the General Assembly at the proposal of the Board of Directors.

Article 15º.- You can renounce the condition of member at your own request. The Board of Directors may withdraw it to the persons who, warned by it of the breach of the obligations inherent to said condition, continue without accommodating themselves to them.

Article 16º.- The Company will be governed by a Board of Directors, elected by the General Assembly and composed of

A president.

A vice president.

A secretary

A vice secretary.

A treasurer

Five vowels

Article 17º.- The Board of Directors holds the representation of the Company and resolves all the administrative matters of the same; must present to the General Assembly the budget of the Society for its approval and execute its agreements, decide on the admission of new partners, decide on the change of address of the association, and take and put into practice the appropriate initiatives for the smooth running of the society.

Article 18.- The president convokes the meetings of the Board of Directors, the General Assembly and the extraordinary assemblies that he considers appropriate, and directs his deliberations; legally represents the Company, acts on its behalf and is obliged to execute the resolutions of the General Assembly and the Board of Directors.

Article 19.- The Vice President replaces the President in cases of absence or illness and acts by delegation of the latter in the missions entrusted to him.

Article 20.- The duties of the Secretary are: To record minutes of the meetings of the Board of Directors and of the General Assemblies, to direct the administrative activities of the Society and to write the Report.

Article 21.- The Deputy Secretary replaces the Secretary in cases of absence or illness and assists him in the functions of his office.

Article 22.- The Treasurer will keep the accounts of the Society, collect the fees, make the payments agreed by the Board of Directors and ordered by the President, and draft the Budget.

Article 23.- The Board of Directors will meet at least once every six months, and whenever the president calls it. The agreements will be taken by simple majority of votes.

Article 24.- The positions of the Board of Directors will not be remunerated and will be renewed by half, every three years, as follows:

In the first renewal, the Vice President, Treasurer, Deputy Secretary and two members.

In the following, the President, secretary and the three remaining members.

All charges are re-eligible.

Article 25º.- The ordinary General Assembly of numerary partners, will meet once a year for the approval of the report and the Budget, as well as for the election of the members of the Board, when appropriate, in accordance with Art. 24 ; appointments of honorary members and adoption of the initiatives it deems appropriate. In case of absence, the vote may be made by letter to the Secretary or by written delegation. The agreements will be taken by simple majority.

Article 26.- The extraordinary General Assembly will meet at the request of the numerary partners, signed by at least one third of them, and will deal only with the subject that motivated the meeting, which will be expressly stated in the order of the day.

TITLE IV.- Resources of the Company

Article 27.- The funds of the Company will be formed by the quotas of the numerary and adhered members, in the amount indicated by the Board of Directors; for contributions and donations of any kind that you perceive; for scholarships and grants for research and for the proceeds from the sale of publications. The Board of Directors may establish reductions or exemptions in the membership fees that accredit their status as university students.

Article 28.- The funds of the Company will be deposited, in the name of the same, in a Spanish bank. The management of these funds will be subject to internal regulation. The annual budget of expenses may not exceed, in principle, the amount that results from adding to the sum of the expenses of the previous year, the favorable balance at the end of it, if any. Any application of an extraordinary nature that requires to exceed that amount, must have the approval of the Board of Directors. The closing of the fiscal year will take place in the first half of July of each year.

Additional provisions.-

Article 29.- The modification of the present statutes must be approved in an extraordinary General Assembly, called for that purpose, requiring, in order to take an agreement, two thirds of the votes cast. If two thirds of the full members do not attend the Assembly, on the first convocation, a second meeting will be convened, which will be held at least eight days later.

Article 30º.- For matters of internal order, the Board of Directors shall draft a regulation, which shall be ratified by the first General Assembly held.

Article 31.- In case of dissolution of the Company, the funds and assets will be available to the General Archive of the Spanish Civil War, C / Gibraltar, 2. D. P. 37008 Salamanca.

Transitory dispositions.-

Article 32º.- The foundation patrimony of the Society amounts to 50,000 pesetas resulting from the Research Aid of the Ministry of Education and Science. The annual ordinary budget is provisionally calculated at 50,000 pesetas.

Article 33º.- The first Board of Directors of the Company will be appointed by the organizing committee of the same; and its term will have the duration foreseen in article 24, of the present statutes.

Article 34º.- In all that is not foreseen in these Statutes, the current Organic Law 1/2002, of March 22, regulating the Right of Association, and the complementary provisions will apply.