The Joly Foundation hosts the archive of Ferrer Benimeli

These days the news jumped. And he did it in style. Cádiz, one of the most prominent cities in the history of Spain, will be the recipient of two important documentary collections. These are the funds of the Center for Historical Studies of Spanish Masonry (CEHME) and the personal archive of Dr. José Antonio Ferrer Benimeli, one of the most outstanding researchers in the history of the lodges.

The entity in charge of guarding these collections will be the Federico Joly Foundation, whose library is based in this Andalusian capital. The aforementioned complex is among the most important in its category at European level, a circumstance that has encouraged this historian and CEHME to trust the aforementioned institution.

“After the appropriate steps, we announce with great satisfaction that the Center for Historical Studies of Spanish Masonry and Professor José Antonio Ferrer Benimeli have deposited their documentary file in our facilities,” they announced from the aforementioned Foundation. “We believe that this is good news for researchers on this complex issue and in need of a rigorous and far from prejudice study,” they added.

These words were answered with enormous gratitude by both José Antonio Ferrer Benimeli and the CEHME. “We are pleased to announce that the aforementioned archives for custody and cataloging have arrived at the headquarters of the Federico Joly Höhr Foundation in Cádiz, in order to safeguard a first-order documentation on the masonry historiography of the last 50 years ”, Explained both involved.

“This material, which is transferred for an indeterminate time, will be made available to researchers once the cataloging process has been completed. Again we want to thank the Joly Foundation for this assignment of spaces and the historian Ángel Guisado Cuéllar for his mediation ”, they stressed from the CEHME, whose leaders congratulated each other for the aforementioned collaboration.

José Antonio Ferrer Benimeli is one of the leading researchers in the history of Freemasonry worldwide. With an academic and professional career of more than 50 years, he has published dozens of scientific articles and specialized works, having also been a professor at the University of Zaragoza, participant in countless congresses and one of the promoters of CEHME.

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